Breed Trim: Schnoodle


Cody before groom

Cody groom complete

Cody is a Schnauzer/Poodle cross.  As with all cross-bred dogs it is a total toss-up as to what genetics are displayed in the look and temperament.  Cody is a sensible and loving little fellow, delightfully quiet about the yard; he has a shrill bark when he does so.   He came to board with us for a weekend and finished off his stay with a full groom.  His coat is coarse and densely curly in keeping with his Poodle side.  He has a compact muscular body more towards the Schnauzer side.  Based on the longer flap of hair hanging over his eyes I had to assume that his owner preferred to bring out his Schnauzerness.  The rest of his body appeared to be pretty much the same length all over.  I had not gotten any information on length or styling from the people who dropped him off for the owner so I had to make a guess at how to proceed.  Though I ended up changing my mind, I started out with the basic Schnauzer type trim for his body but to be honest his hair was far to curly to look good done as a Schnauzer.  What I settled for was a #4 on the body, legs, ears and top of the head; a style that always looks good on curly coated dogs.  Then I shaped his face along the Schnauzer lines, brick shaped muzzle, tight down the sides of the face with a brow ridge over the eyes that did not look like the big floppy eye lashes look that he came to me with.   It is an easy care, long-lasting style that still embraces the spunkiness of his Schnauzer heritage.


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