Non Specific Breed Trim: Maltese Poodle Cross

Askem before

Here is a good example of an easy care style for a dog that does not quite fit into a specific breed appearance. Askem is a Maltese Poodle Cross. He has the very downy soft hair of the Maltese side and the capacity for endless growth of the Poodle side. He has somehow been blessed with extra long legs for the overall size of his body.

The grooming style is super easy care due to the hair length. I used a #5 blade to give his folks the shortness of a trim that will last them for several months. It is not so short as to make him look naked; his hair is not thick at all. I gave him teddy ears which is the same length as the body and a squirrel tail using a 5/8 inch blade. The top of his head is the same length as the body and I shaved his face clean with a #10 blade. He looks cute and the style suits the fact that he is only brought in for a groom every 6 months.

Askem groom complete

He is not trying to look like either of the two breeds of his genetics, just like a cute little dog. I often suggest this squirrel tail trim for dogs with the curled up tail. It is very cute and does not end up in a mass of mats within a couple of months, nor does it drag half of the forest into the house.


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