Pekingese Pet Trim: Pecan Pie

Today I had the pleasure of grooming Pecan Pie, a 10 year old Pekingese.  The basic premise of this grooming process is a bath, brush and tidy.


Photo A shows Pie after the bath and drying are done, all ready to be brushed, combed and tidied.  Her owner wanted her to have less hair on her tummy and legs that pick up wads of snow in the winter while still maintaining her breed looks.


Photo B shows one back foot already tidied to an tight roundness which I did using straight shears followed up with blending shears to smooth the look.  As you can see her fringy butt is still full and naturally wild looking…ready to be tidied.


Photo C shows the butt tidied nice and short to blend down into the shortened hock and blended foot.  This was done using straight shears pointed in a downward motion in keeping with the natural curve of the rump.


Photo D shows Pie’s front foot tidied and blended to the shortened hair of the front leg and the still fringy long length of her tummy.  I shortened the fringy hair on the front legs to match the hair length of the front part of the leg using straight shears with blending at the top.


Photo E shows Pie’s tummy line tided up shorter.  To accomplish this I tunnelled her tummy down the center only with a #4 blade leaving the wild fringes intact.  I then used straight shears to shorten the fringes a bit but not as short as the tunneled length.  That leaves less hair to pick up snow and get matted while maintaining a flowing look.


The final look shown in Photo F is a very Pekingese looking pet that is an easier care style.


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