Question and Answer Session

How often should my dog be groomed?

We recommend  a dog be groomed every 6 to 8 weeks depending on the breed and the trimmed coat length. This time frame will allow for timely removal of grit and debris from the coat and can lessen the formation of mats in most coat types.  However, some dogs can go longer between haircuts. Regular brushing and especially combing of the coat (giving extra careful attention to areas such as around the ears, the groin and arm pits) between grooms is necessary to prevent mat formation.

What is a mat?                                                          

A mat is a mass of tangled hair, but may also be held together by burrs or barbs from plants, particles of skin dander or other debris. Sometimes mats start quite close to the dog’s skin, making it difficult to see the condition of the skin underneath. There may be skin that is red, irritated, swollen or cracked. The presence of fleas or other pest may go undetected under mats. A matted coat may make it impossible to see moles, scabs or other skin conditions on your dog. Bathing a matted dog at home or allowing a matted dog to swim can prevent the skin from drying completely . This can cause skin problems. Shaving off the seriously matted coat is the only humane way to get your matted dog back on track to a healthy well-groomed condition. This shaving off process may reveal that the dog’s skin has developed hot spots or irritated and sensitive areas under the mats.

How often should my dog’s nails be trimmed?

The time frame on this varies from dog to dog. Some should be done every 2 weeks, some once a month and some can even do fine with waiting for the next grooming appointment. A healthy and well-formed foot and the dog’s comfort is very dependent on keeping the nails trimmed to the correct length.  We do free nail trimmings for our regular clients in between grooming appointments on an as needed basis. If a dog’s nail quicks have gotten overly long we make every effort to have the client come in weekly between grooming appointments to work on reversing this painful condition.

Why do you ask about vaccinations?

Vaccinations protect your dog from diseases which are present everywhere. They make good sense. All of our own dogs (3) are fully protected by vaccines. It is still is possible for vaccinated dogs to become ill with an infectious condition despite being vaccinated. However, the symptoms are likely to be lessened if your dog has a regularly maintained vaccination regime. We maintain a clean and carefully disinfected facility, following every dog’s visit, to prevent what can be prevented in terms of the transfer of any infectious disease.

What is the deal with the Rabies vaccines…my vet says it’s not required unless we leave the country?

It protects your pet’s certain death from rabies infection.

It protects your pet’s groomer from painful treatment to prevent death from rabies infection or certain death if bitten by a rabid pet and not treated.

Without proof of rabies vaccination the health authorities are required by law to confiscate your pet should it bite someone to test it for rabies….a test which requires the death of your beloved pet prior to testing.

Do you turn away a dog if it is not vaccinated?

No, we do not turn unvaccinated dogs away…there are sometimes health, allergy and old age issues that prevent vaccinations. The risks are clearly posted in our shop and we are not liable for the consequences of the pet owner’s choice to not vaccinate after all the infectious elements can be picked up any where a dog has been, urinated, defecated. We maintain a clean and carefully disinfected facility, following every dog’s visit, to prevent what can be prevented in terms of transfer of any infectious disease.

In the case of a dog that is not vaccinated for rabies, a muzzle is used immediately if the dog shows any signs of aggression during the grooming process. Please read the FAQ “What is the deal with the Rabies vaccines”.

Muzzles!!!Are they safe to be used on a dog during grooming?

The type of cage muzzle that we use, if required, are safe for use on the dog even during the entire grooming process. This is because these muzzle s allow the dog to pant freely, do not clamp the dog’s mouth shut and cause no breathing restrictions while protecting the groomer from being bitten.

 Can I have my dog groomed the same day that he gets his vaccination?

If your dog has just been vaccinated you should wait for 2 days after the vaccination before bathing your dog to avoid irritation to the vaccination site. A simple solution would be to bathe the dog before the vaccination appointment.

 My dog is on monthly topical flea treatment, when should I apply it with regards to his grooming appointment?

You should wait for 3 days after your dog’s bath before applying topical type flea treatments such as Advantage or Revolution. This will allow the natural oils to return to your dog’s skin which helps prevent skin irritation and facilitates the way the topical treatment works. So, simply book your dog’s grooming appointment for 3 days before his treatment is due.



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