Looking ahead to 2015

merry 2014This wonderfully rewarding experience of providing care and grooming to our tiny community, in the middle of nowhere, has been the joy of my life.  To all of you…from all of us…I wish the best in 2015!

Here is a brief update of changes ahead in the New Year!!

Due to the aggravation of an old injury to my left shoulder, I can no longer groom large breed dogs.  The recovery time post-groom for a large breed dog is three days at the very least.  The pain is debilitating and frankly interferes with every facet of my life.

I will continue to accept those wonderful small and medium sized dogs of my current friends and neighbours who need my grooming services.  I think I can swing at least another year or two of grooming out of my somewhat arthritic hands.  HOWEVER, that is something that is subject to change once again dependent on the degree of pain.

We are not accepting dogs for boarding during the winter months at all.  We may start up again for a limited few “regulars” in April.  HOWEVER, once our planned hen house is constructed and the hens are installed…ALL…dog boarding will cease.


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